Visual Artist – Serena Trinder

We are delighted to introduce Serena Trinder, our 35th Anniversary Festival Visual Artist. Her watercolour painting lovingly captures the spirit of our festival.

Serena J. Trinder is a contemporary artist originally from Britain but now living in Mission, B.C.  Her work focuses on landscape and architecturally inspired works which can feed her love and interest in mythology and history.  This is achieved through use of watercolour and ink.  She draws her inspiration from her admiration for the great European stained glass windows visited during her childhood and the changing landscapes around her and how these landscapes interact with the human story throughout history.

“Music and art have always been a vital part of the human culture throughout history.  A representation of our observations and dreams, our desires and our achievements.  Festivals like Mission Folk Festival represent just one of the creative and jubilant events and outlets which we are lucky enough to experience in the Lower Mainland. When I was invited to paint a representation of the festival, I was excited, honoured and a little nervous, but took on the challenge with great joy.  I aimed to capture the vitality, and inclusivity of all those that have enjoyed the festival over the years.  Now, more than ever we are all in need of joy and the opportunity to share this passion with others. This is the joy that I hoped to convey in my painting.” ~ Serena Trinder |