Mission Folk Music Festival Society is committed to making our programs and events accessible to all. We want to make positive contributions to our community so that those patrons the farthest from cultural access are able to participate in the concerts, classes, dances, and festival produced by Mission Folk.

We believe that music, stories, dance, and songs are indispensable to a curious, engaged, creative society. Our goal is to make these experiences available to as many people as possible, regardless of economic or social circumstances—which is why we offer our Community Access Program (CAP).

Through the CAP, the Mission Folk Music Festival Society offers free or pay-what-you-can blocks of tickets to local or regional organizations that support or work with marginalized or vulnerable populations. These organizations assist with ticket distribution and advise us on how best to equitably support and engage with their communities.

Participating organizations are identified through community outreach by MFMFS or an organization can apply directly to be considered. 

For in-person events, we offer 20 free tickets per organization for large capacity events like our annual festival. For small capacity events, we offer anything from bespoke ticket options to general pay-what-you-can tickets for the entire venue. There is currently no geographic restriction to participating organizations or individuals.

Once accepted, participating organizations distribute event tickets to their membership and provide them with a Folk 101 document that highlights how concerts or festivals are organized and how participants can best participate. It lets participants know what they need to bring and highlights how there is no financial barrier to their participation.

We welcome sponsors or donors to help us expand our reach through CAP by underwriting our ticket giveaways. It is our goal to double participating organizations in 2024. Please contact Michelle Demers Shaevitz for more information: michelle@missionfolk.ca.