Evening Mainstage Schedule

Day Stage Schedules

Saturday Workshops

Songs in the Key of Blue

The Blues are a living thing and each of the artists in this session bring their own interpretation to the stage. Tony Ivan O’Hara, host of the set and recent Blues Challenge winner, will be joined by the soulful sounds of Tanika Charles, local bluesman Jesse Waldman, and the award winning blue notes of Blue Moon Marquee.

Windward Passage

The Windward Passage lies between the islands of Cuba and Haiti. From certain points on the Islands, it is possible to see lights on the other side. Instead of across the water, Okan and Wesli will be across the stage from each other, celebrating the sounds of their Caribbean roots.

Roots Roundup

A gritty singer songwriter with a penchant for roots music wanders into a roadside tavern where he meets a harmony driven, americana folk band with killer strings. Together, they explore their roots and rhythms in this morning session.

Songwriters Unite

There is a special place in our world for songwriters. David Francey, Terra Spencer, and Leonard Sumner each bring with them an understanding of the human condition, considered deeply, and brought to life through their songs. Together, their songcraft reflects our lives, our thoughts unsaid, and our hopes imagined.

Fresh Folk

Tennyson King and the Oot n’ Oots each bring a refreshing approach to folk music and provide a next-gen sound to their musical explorations.

On the Shores of Tradition

The ocean of traditional music is vast and deep. Each of these musicians has navigated their way to Mission to bring you some of most interesting takes on trad music today. Graham Lindsey joins forces with Skye Consort and Emma Bjorling to celebrate folk traditions from across Canada and around the world in this engaging set.

As I Was Saying

Something to say and voices to deliver. Abigail Lapell and Alysha Brilla each bring a point of view to their music that celebrates self, community, culture, and identity. Talented musicians singing about complex and interesting lives. We’re here for it.

Home Routes

We are delighted to showcase Home Routes/Chemin Chez Nous, Canada’s pioneering house concert network, this year at Mission Folk. Recently off a Home Routes tour themselves, Beau Wheeler and Jesse Waldman join Home Routes co-AD/ED (and long-time MFMF friend), Leonard Podolak, for set of tunes that brings the house concert experience to stage in this engaging set.

Sunday Workshops

Mother Tongues

There is power in ones stories and even more power in the telling of those stories in ones mother tongue. Join Cedric Watson and Jourdan Thibodeaux, Okan, and Wesli as they bring their stories and heritage to life through their music and shared influences.

The Journey, not the Destination

With thousands of miles under their collective tires, both Blue Moon Marquee and Twin Flames have travelled this country extensively, bringing their meaningful music to audiences from Haida Gwaii to Northern Labrador. Their songs reflect those travels and remind us to pay attention to the journey as much as the destination.

Global Routes

With roots in rhythmic traditions from around the globe, this groove heavy workshop will have you moving. Blurring the lines between various folk traditions, each artist will carve out new territory for themselves as they bring their brand of world music to the stage and each other. Korean yanggeum meets African Marimba meets Ukrainian percussion sounds like a perfect journey to us!

Necessary Voices

Through the power of their music, Alysha Brilla, Leonard Sumner, and Tennyson King remind us how much the lived experiences of others matter.

A Lovely Way to Greet the Day

We are grateful to Tanika Charles and the Oot n’ Oots for starting off our Sunday morning with a soulful and joyous session.

String Theory

There is a science to the art of this workshop. Hosted by local fiddle maven, Jennie Bice and joined by members of Skye Consort and Friends, this session will explore various traditional songs and tunes through the lens of each artist background. Expect fiddles and more!

Old Time String Grass Hour

With an old time sound and a new time sensibility, Leonard Podolak and Kentucky Eileen join forces to tear up tradition with a rollicking set of americana, string grass, and trad music.

I’m With Her

Abigail Lapell and Terra Spencer gently explore the nuances of life as sing-songwriters in this set filled with complex songcraft and engaging banter.