We’re excited to unveil the lineup for our evening main stage concerts, day stage programming, and participatory workshops!

Throughout the weekend, we invite you to enjoy the music, explore our artisan market, indulge in delicious food and drinks, and connect with fellow festival-goers. Wee folks will have activities at each day stage and there are workshops ranging from Crankie making to step dancing to song circles and more for all ages. We can’t wait to hear you sing in the Festival Choir or join you at our first ever Contra Dance.

*All schedules are subject to change*

Over the weekend, you’ll find two kinds of workshops on our schedule: collaborative workshops with multiple artists performing and hands-on, participatory workshops to get the audience involved. Together, these workshops are designed to both engage and entertain, sometimes challenge, and will always celebrate folk.

Our participatory workshops are the perfect opportunity to connect and learn. Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to be part of the festival magic. Bring your enthusiasm, your voice, your instruments, and your dancing feet. All participatory workshops take place in the Gazebo. We can’t wait to see you there!

Here’s what you can look forward to:

  • Sing with the Festival Choir: Whether you’re a seasoned singer or just love to sing in the shower, come harmonize with us! Deb Handley will get you ready for the mainstage on Sunday. (Saturday and Sunday)
  • Jam Out with Your Favorite Instrument: Bring your instrument and join a lively jam session.One jam is open and one is hosted by Tony and Jennie of Strong Bow & Wry. All skill levels are welcome! (Saturday and Sunday)
  • Learn a New Song in the Song Circle and Sing-a-long: Discover new tunes and share your favorites in an inclusive and supportive circle. Hosted by MarKaren Band (Saturday) and Cy & John (Sunday).
  • Learn to Make a Crankie: Get your wheels turning and create your very own Crankie, a storytelling art form. Sue Truman will lead you through this traditional craft and you’ll bring home a miniature Crankie to enjoy. (Saturday)
  • More Than a Melody: If you’ve ever played mandolin alone, have you felt that the melody is missing something? Graham Lindsey figured out ways to do this when he couldn’t play with others, and wants to share his tips with you. Perfect for those who love to learn and create on Mandolin, Banjo, Fiddle, or even Cello or Guitar. (Sunday)
  • Get Your Steps in with Step Dancing: Get your toes tapping and learn some traditional step dancing moves. Sue Truman combines fun, fitness, and folk in this energizing session. Dancing shoes are not required. (Sunday)

Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to be part of the festival magic. Bring your enthusiasm, your voice, your instruments, and your dancing feet. All participatory workshops take place in the Gazebo.

Our collaborative workshops create spaces where performers are brought together to explore a common theme or musical influence. Participating artists include both old friends and new acquaintances, creating an environment ripe for creative partnerships. Through this fusion of folk traditions, something truly magical happens — a contemporary collaboration where individual talents combine to create an extraordinary musical moment. Highlights include:

  • Sometimes we need to hear how it is really going in the world from folks who can provide an honest, nuanced perspective. Mia Kelly, Crys Matthews, and Beau Wheeler are Necessary Voices. (Saturday)
  • Deeply influenced by the foundations of western folk music, Big Little Lions and Graham Lindsey offer a fresh take on the Roots of Tradition. (Saturday)
  • Fränder and Kobo Town pay homage to their cultural roots, creating a rhythmic and musical World of Folk with their respective heritages.(Saturday)
  • In Sister Acts, Moira & Claire, PIQSIQ, and The Pairs explore their deep musical bonds, creating harmonies that seem almost genetic in their intricacy. (Saturday)
  • Conor Gains, Tony Ivan O’Hara, Jerron “Blind Boy” Paxton, and Jesse Waldman delve into the rich, emotive world of blues music with songs In the Key of the Blues. (Saturday)
  • Join the Marcus Mosley Ensemble & Friends at the Main Stage as they raise voices in song and bring community together in Morning Glory. (Sunday)
  • In Herstory Mia Kelly, Catherine MacLellan, and Gillian Moranz share their perspectives on navigating the world as women through their poignant storytelling and music. (Sunday)
  • PIQSIQ and Shauit shine in Northern Lights, a session celebrating northern folk through stories, songs, and language. (Sunday)
  • Devin Cuddy and Conor Gains share tales from the road heavily traveled at Roadhouse Roots. These friends and bandmates have crossed this country and have the stories to prove it. (Sunday)
  • What does it mean to be an artist in a city that is increasingly unwelcoming to its creative folk? Gillian Moranz, Jesse Waldman, and Beau Wheeler share their experiences at the Republic of East Van workshop. (Sunday)
  • Strings are the focus of both the Kitchen Party (Saturday) and A Reason for Rosin (Sunday). Each session explores the range of fiddle styles and will be sure to get audiences bobbing along

Shrinking the spaces between artists and audience at our festival, we create an intimate and immersive experience that fosters connections. Discover traditional & contemporary folk music, stories and songs from across Canada and around the world right here at home.  Join us in celebrating the vibrant spirit of community, where people of all ages and backgrounds come together to share in the joy of music and song.