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Tanika Charles

Toronto-based soul music powerhouse, Tanika Charles, has slowly but surely inserted herself as a staple of the genre both at home and abroad. Her music revels in honesty and attitude, her live show is high energy and endearing, and she continues to win audiences over one album, one stream, and one encore at a time. Onstage, she oscillates between faithful recreations of her studio recordings and revealing influences of rock, gospel and country. Her voice is, at turns, powerful, elegant, dreamy, plaintive or commanding.  

Charles’ latest album Papillon de Nuit: The Night Butterfly (2022), follows her formula of marrying classic soul influences with modern sensibilities. Her Polaris prize nomination for that recording joins a list of prestigious Polaris recognitions and awards, along with multiple JUNO Award nominations. Ladies and gentlemen, come be introduced to one of Canada’s all-time greatest soul divas!