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Dongyang Gozupa

Dongyang Gozupa is a progressive rock group whose music finds its roots in the traditional music of Korea. Their instrumentation includes the yanggeum (Korean hammered dulcimer), Bass and various percussion. Dohyuk Jang, a percussionist with a rock band that won the Korean Popular Music Award, started Dongyang Gozupa wth with Eunhwa Yun, a virtuoso yanggeum player. More recently, bassist Minhwi Ham – known for his creative performance – joined as the group’s new bass player. 

Not easy to describe or find simple categories, their music doesn’t fit into one simple genre. It does, instead, incorporate various elements such as progressive rock, post-rock, and traditional music. As their description puts it, Dongyang Gozupa plays “a splendid and speedy performance with very strong sounds.” It’s a show you don’t want to miss!