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Skye Consort & Emma Björling

Skye Consort & Emma Björling are a musical coming-together of forces known for their trans-Atlantic arrangements, with tunes originating from across the globe coupled with their own original compositions. Each musician brings their own individual interpretation of worldwide musical traditions to create an extraordinary collaboration consisting of vocals, fiddle, nyckelharpa, cello, bouzouki, banjo and percussion. The band consists of musical talents Emma Björling (lead voice, shruti box, percussion), Alex Kehler (fiddle, nyckelharpa, vocals), Amanda Keesmaat (cello, vocals), and Seán Dagher (cittern/bouzouki, banjo & vocals), all of whom are veteran musicians whose works can be recognized from countless performances and acts. This band of seasoned musical instructors and performers are eager to share their love of musical tradition as they present an assortment of whirling polkas, groovy reels, passionate love songs, breathtaking hymns, and more.