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Robin Layne & The Rhythm Makers

“Marimba is probably the most sensual and harmonious of all percussion instruments and Robin Layne one of its best ambassadors” (Marc Fournier, music journalist/ host at CBC Radio Canada)
With roots in rhythmic traditions from around the globe, this groove-heavy ensemble delivers music that transcends those bounds. Blurring the lines between jazz and folk, they carve out new territory for the marimba at the forefront of their sonic landscape.

Since forming in 2015, Robin Layne & The Rhythm Makers have been filling dance floors around Vancouver and performing at festivals across BC and beyond. They’re led by JUNO-nominated percussionist Robin Layne. Rob has immersed himself in rhythmic traditions from Cuba to West Africa to Mexico, and brings these influences to bear in his compositions and in the group’s repertoire. Get ready for the groove to getcha!