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Boris Sichon

Sichon’s life has always revolved around music and the performing arts. Before he became a curator, composer and performer of world music, he grew up in Ukraine (part of the former Soviet Union) and studied at the Academy of Music in Saint Petersburg to become a classically trained percussionist. Despite his admiration for Western classical music, Sichon soon left the strictures of this genre to explore the realm of world music, which he believed allowed for more musical experimentation.

Throughout his life, Sichon spent many years travelling extensively as a musician, which enabled him to continuously expand his musical palette and develop an encyclopedic knowledge of the global musical landscape. His Jewish roots also form a large part of his musical identity.

After arriving in Canada in 2004, Sichon found his musical niche without missing a beat. Here, he continues to share his passion for music through performing, leading workshops, participating in festivals and composing music for theatre.